The Return of Milton and Inventory

20080805_legendBigSpring has sprung…it’s raining cats and dogs…and Milt’s back.  Cole Hardwood is whole again.  When he was away enjoying the nice weather and spending time with his lovely wife in Florida he was also missing us, his loyal employees.  We know this…because he didn’t go too many days without a phone call.

Things are looking bright in the lumber industry is the daily word around here.  The large icebergs at the front of the yard off the highway have been replaced with large stacks of green lumber.  INVENTORY!!!!  We hit a sales and shipping record last month and are looking to set another this month…after being a part of this company I can see how easily this occurs.  The atta-boys and encouragement fill the air and the responses include “it wasn’t just me or we couldn’t have done it without…,” the list of employees go on.  I can relate to this warm and fuzzy feeling of belonging and contributing when I used to be in Law Enforcement and I’d come to someone’s aid.  It may be a small contribution but when EVERYONE makes one, it produces monumental results.

I LOVE how Cole Hardwood appears large and in charge with what seem like mountain-high perfectly stacked lumber in endless rows, gargantuan kilns steadily puffing out steam in the sky, consistent BOOMING-loud twelve quarter boards flipping on the inspection stations and THEN, you walk into the office.  No matter who you are or what you are doing here you WILL hear this… “WELL HELLO THERE BUDDY HOW ARE YOU DOING?!” You can almost feel your invitation for dinner to follow.  If you have been here before you are familiar with the man, the myth, the legend…No, not Anchorman…Milt Cole.  I sold a truckload of lumber Tuesday and on the purchase order there was the message, “Regards to Milt!” His spark and personality are contagious and his wisdom is priceless.  I am a grateful ‘young’ sponge.

I can hardly wait for the weather to get better so I can walk the yard (without insolated Carhartts and fear of frozen skin) and soak in this atmosphere.  I want to share with you my budding new experiences in this ginormous industry.  Stay tuned…there is more…

Red Oak and White Oak and Hickory…oh my


  1. Ben Lester on April 10, 2014 at 5:59 pm

    Please give Milt my best regards! Thanks for sharing the news.

  2. Rick Rohrbaugh on January 7, 2016 at 4:57 pm

    Please tell Milt I said Hello! I’m Rick Rohrbaugh and I worked with Milt along with others from the summer of 1966-1970. During summer breaks Mike Simpson, Earl Richter and Joe Platt and I worked summers while in college. I enjoyed my time at the then Schafer Hardwood and it’s no surprise Milt purchased the company and took it to new levels.

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