Honky Tonkin’ Hardwood Convention

nhla2015 (2)Another national meeting in the books and we survived yet again.  I have the feeling that I am getting the hang of this!  The turnout was ahhhhmazing and we got to hang out with all our favorite lumberjacks and lumberjills in Music City, nonetheless!  As you know, or the small percentage of my family that read my blog do, I like to point out a few All-Stars at each convention, the real big players, ya know?  I’d have to start out with the planning committee and John Hester.  HIGH-CLASS people y’all!  How about that Grand Finale and Richie McDonald?!? Incredible! Pem and Patti Jenkins are rockin’ good hosts and I’d hang with Dan Caldwell at Atlanta Hardwoods any day of the week. I also spent some time with a large bear but I didn’t catch his name….see photos for clarification.  One thing that I never stop noticing is how often people ask about Milt.  He may not be tall man but his stature in the industry is profound.  When I introduced myself or people read on my super trendy lanyard that I work for Cole Hardwood, the warm smiles usually followed up with a story about Milt Cole!  It’s fantastic! I have SO much dirt on him…haha…leverage is a good thing!?

I upped my retirement contribution when we got back and then took a NAP!  (That was a shout out to Chris Hogan for those of you that attended his talk.) Catch up people! Live the dream. Back to the hardwood sales grind this week and lookin’ forward to another good year. I’m impressed again walking (or stumbling) away knowing that I share this solid industry with such stellar folks! Milt says hello from his office chair and he loves you all! No surprise there.



  1. kim on October 27, 2015 at 3:43 pm

    Loved the recent blog!

  2. Ardis Bramlage on October 27, 2015 at 7:14 pm

    Nice job Jen — always look forward to reading these 🙂 Just wish I could’ve been there with you! And yes, Dan Caldwell is a hoot —

  3. Jonathan on November 7, 2015 at 1:00 pm

    Jen,finally you updated your blog,I have waited for a long time.Randy and Keith looks great on the photoes.

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